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  • The Black Olive presents: The Magical Wines of David Ramey join us for a 5 course tasting combining the magical wines of David Ramey paired with the best of the Black Olive. Wines will be available for purchase for special pricing.
    March 24, 2020 at 10:30 PM
    The Black Olive
    814 South Bond Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21231

    The Black Olive presents: The Magical Wines of David Ramey

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    Ancient Greek Food and Wine Symposium
    Date to be anounced

    The words of the Ancient Greek wine critics, the ancient art of making wine, the meaning they ascribed to the consumption of wine and the role that  the proper way of drinking wine played in the social , political , religious, and economic order in the life of our Greek ancestors are hidden back in time. Not that the Greeks try to hide from us. After all they made a god to represent the institution of making and consuming wine. 

    It is because the scholars of Ancient Greek  life and thought failed to see any value in the areas of addressing the possible importance of eating and drinking and the institutional norms they created  so the way the passions of hunger and thirst are satisfied in a civilized way. 

    The scholars of antiquity ignored-until recently- a very large part of Social life that the Greeks built around eating and drinking. 

       Yet the Greeks had the following to say. 

     Αρχή και ρίζα παντός αγαθού η της γάστρος ηδονή. 

         The beginning and the root of all Good is the pleasure of the belly. 

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    Prix FIxe Lunch Menu
    Weekday seating 11:45-2:30

    Enjoy 3 courses for 20$ weekdays. The perfect idea for your next power lunch or your next lunch event. Our multiple rooms allow for quiet lunches from 2 to 30.

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