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Chef's 3 Course $29 Prix Fixe

Salad Choice
Small Greek Style Romaine Salad or Small Greek Village Salad
Main Course
(served with side of day)
Wild Rockfish Filet / Wester Ross Salmon / Maryland Soft Shell in Phyllo / Greek Village Pie / Chicken Souvlaki
Dessert Choice
Tiramisu /Greek Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts /Fresh Fruit Plate


Authentic Greek Fish Tavern
After a renovation of the Fells Point General Store in 1997, The Black Olive sits in quaint elegance on the cobblestone section of Bond Street in old Fells Point, Baltimore's waterfront Jewel. Though the restaurant itself is twenty years old, the spirit from which it springs holds a story that stretches through multiple generations.
As featured in Wine Spectator

Black Olive's New Pick-up Menu

Schedule your pick up between 4pm and 8pm Tuesday-Saturday
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