Valentine's Day Menu

The Black Olive


Valentines Day 2021
One Choice per Course

-Amuse Bouche-


Maine Lobster Bisque
Oysters Onassis
Greek Goddess Salad

Grilled Octopus

-Entrée Choices-

Served with Choice of Chefs Sides
Roasted Stuffed Red Pepper

Braised Oregon Pinot Filet Mignon with Mushrooms
Supreme Seafood Pasta

Greek Style Baby Lamb Chops
Maryland Rockfish Crab Cake Combo

Dover Sole


-Dessert Choices-
Chocolate Mousse
Mixed Berries with Orange XO Brandy Crème

Baklava Ice Cream

-65$ per person-

The Black Olive
Pick Up/Delivery


(Small plate dishes)

Wellfleet Oysters 3 each

Our favorite oysters from Maine served with an apple mignonette

Collossal Kalamata Olives 3

Marinated and seasoned Kalamata olives

Black Olive’s famous Bread 5

Our house organic sourdough bread baked daily

and grilled to absolute perfection!

Grilled Mushroom 10

Fresh portabella mushrooms marinated on grilled house sourdough and grilled to absolute perfection!

Hummus 10

A perfect version of this favorite spread, made with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon and parsley

Melitzanasalata 10

The Greek version of a popular traditional spread that is made throughout the Middle-East and Mediterranean region. Our recipe, which has been passed down through several generations combines grilled eggplant, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil

Tzatziki 10

A traditional Middle-Eastern spread made from Greek yogurt with dill, lemon, garlic and olive oil

Taramasalata 12

Famous in our grandmother’s kitchen, this heavenly spread is delicately made using black olive bread marinated in wine, olive oil, lemon, and fish roe

Lamb Meatballs 15

Six homemade lamb meatballs seasoned with mint and garlic, served with tzatziki for dipping

Manouri Cheese in Grape Leaves 10

This mild Greek sheep’s cheese is wrapped in

grape leaves and baked with a touch of olive oil

Stuffed Calamari on the Grill 15

This Black Olive favorite takes fresh calamari, stuffed with Manouri and feta cheese, then delicately grilled for one of our most requested small plates.

A supreme juxtaposition of taste and texture

Chicken Souvlaki 12

Marinated free-range chicken breast skewered and grilled to perfection, served with tzatziki for dipping

Village Pie 16

The Chef’s specialty, a beautiful village-baked homemade phyllo with Greek cheeses and a variety of savory greens and herbs

Grilled Octopus Salad 16

Straight from the sea, pounded, marinated, grilled octopus tossed with fresh red onions and capers

Saganaki Plate 12

Pan seared, paper-thin zucchini, surrounded by tzatziki, Kefalograviera, a traditional Greek cheese and Haloumi from Cyprus

Savory Bread Pudding 12

A Black Olive invention is a bread pudding. Our famous olive bread, leeks, portabella mushrooms,

artichokes and Greek cheese

Russ' Favorite Scallop Appetizer 18

Russ was the artist who made many of the ceramics on display at the Black Olive. He absolutely loved these fresh, jumbo sea scallops that we grill and serve on a bed of baby leaf greens.

Grilled Colossal Shrimp 18

Colossal marinated grilled wild shrimp

Grilled Sardines in Grape Leaves 12

Fresh sardines fileted & wrapped in grape leaves and brushed with olive oil, grilled to perfection

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake 20

This is the ultimate version of the local favorite, made with fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, on a bed of baby leaf greens, with homemade olive oil based mayonnaise

Soft Shell Crab in Phyllo 20

We sautee the soft shell crab and combine with spinacheand feta cheese and bake in phyllo


Greek Style Romaine Salad 12

Dill, spring onions, Manouri cheese & aged vinaigrette

Greek Village Salad 15

Traditional tomato and feta salad with cucumber, bell peppers, red onion, and Kalamata black olives

Black Olive’s Avocado Greek Salad 17

Vine ripened tomato, avocado, cucumber, red onion, bell pepper, avocado with Kalamata olives, and imported feta

Mezze Tis Pareas

(Plates to share with friends)

Appetizer Combination 24

A beautiful plate of our four traditional spreads:

Tarama, tzatziki, melitzanasalata and hummus with

olives and feta cheese. Serves 4

Colossal Shrimp by the Pound 54

One pound of colossal marinated grilled wild shrimp, for a taste of Greek taverna life.

Colossal Diver Scallops by the Pound 54


Chef’s Vegetable Soup of the Day 10

Fish Soup 15

From the legendary Scorpion fish, also known as Rascas, comes a divine house stock flavored with saffron and served with select chunks of wild rockfish from the fish’s mid-portion

Main Course

Black Olive Lobster Pasta 40

Fresh pasta tossed in a white wine, tomato and tarragon based sauce finished with just a touch of cream and topped with a whole Maine Lobster Tail

Colossal Shrimp on the Charcoal 36

Sea Scallops on the Charcoal 36

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Platter 40

Greek Style Lamb Chops 40

Greek Village Pie 28

A rustic Spanakopita, spinach, red Swiss chard, leeks, sheep’s milk cheeses in a homemade hand rolled phyllo

Chicken Souvlaki Platter 25

Marinated chicken breast skewered and grilled to perfection

Petite Filet Mignon 38

Fish Selections

Whole Mediterranean Sea Bass 30

This Mediterranean favorite known as Lavraki, Bronzini, or Loup de Mare feeds on shrimp, which comes through in the taste. It is low in oil content and slightly flaky, but firm, in texture. Grilled

Wild Rockfish Filet 28

This is our local favorite. Also known as Striped Bass, it is full of flavor with moderate oil content and slightly firm texture. Grilled or sautéed in organic corn meal

Dorade Royale 32

A Mediterranean Member of the bream family, this flavorful fish is moderately high in oil content and slightly flaky, but firm. Grilled.


Halibut 36

This one is coming from the North Pacific Coast. This delicious gem with sweet flavor, firm texture and moderate oil content. Grilled or Sautéed.

Whole Dover Sole 48

This genuine, fresh, Dover Sole is very hard to find. Its outstanding flavor comes with a sweet aftertaste. It is firm in texture and very low in oil content. Sautéed.

Black Sea Bass 32

This sweet tasting fish is caught at deep sea and

low in oil content and is flaky yet firm. Grilled.

Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna Steak 32

Sushi quality tuna seasoned with Zaátar and grilled

New Zealand Ora King Salmon 34

This beautiful king salmon comes from the pristine waters of New Zealand and is grilled to perfection.