5 Tips For Running A Successful Greek Restaurant

April 14, 2020 at 4:00 AM
An impressive wine list is important to running a successful Greek restaurant in Townson, MD.

The restaurant business is competitive and vulnerable to bias at times. Good food is a subjective commodity and revolves around the taste of your consumer. When you first enter the business, it’s important to know the crucial aspects you should focus on, and you’ll soon learn how simple they are. However, doing simple well poses a challenge and it is important to keep in mind the micro factors that make up the whole of a successful entity. 

Own the classics. 

Have every Greek staple on the menu that your grandmother would make and do them better than anybody. These include stuffed grape leaves, moussaka, baklava, horta vrasta, and of course, signature tzatziki. In our opinion, simple is always better. Unless you know what you’re doing, try to keep these dishes traditional. Some restaurants make the mistake of adding a contemporary fusion that doesn’t always resonate well with clientele. 

Create a nice atmosphere.  

Try to lean on the traditional side. Think about the classic restaurants you’d visit that encompass the spirit and culture of Greek life to emulate it in your restaurant’s ambiance. Don’t attempt anything too edgy. If you can master the simple aspects, you’re overall aesthetic will appear more authentic. 

Friendly wait staff. 

A good friend once told me, “the food is free.” An attentive and friendly wait staff can make your patron’s visit great. Always keep keen eyes on every table in your restaurant. Attend to small things like filling water glasses, refreshing drinks regularly, and a diligent kitchen. 

Keep it clean. 

Clean the dining room and kitchen thoroughly every day. Aim to do a deep clean once in the morning and at the end of the day. Never accept a spec of dirt on the floor or the buzz of a stray fly circling the restaurant. 

Try to limit wait times. 

You’ll want to serve as many parties as possible, but not at the expense of exhausting your wait staff. This is where it is important to strike the happy medium. You don’t want your guests to wait too long, and you also do not want them to feel rushed. Try to keep the kitchen diligent and finishing dishes on a speedy schedule, and give each table at least an hour and a half to relax and enjoy their food. 

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