Myth Debunked: Seafood Is Only For Summertime

November 13, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Once you've dined at the best seafood restaurant in Baltimore, you'll know that seafood should be enjoyed all year long. The idea that seafood is meant only for summer is an absolute myth. That's why we at The Black Olive offer a menu of traditional Greek seafood dishes for every day of the year.

Every Dish Served Fresh

As a family-owned establishment, The Black Olive uses recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. To continue the legacy of our ancestors, we're committed to providing people with rich seafood that's only served fresh, no matter the season. 

The skilled fishermen of Maryland don't stop fishing when the temperature starts to drop, so why should we stop serving it? We've built a close working relationship with fishermen across the state to ensure that we always have access to the freshest, highest-quality, local seafood products. Our cooks won't accept anything less!

Seafood Is Warm and Comforting

Not convinced that seafood will be as satisfying during the colder months as it is during the summer? If anything, the opposite might be true. When you get out of the cold and into a cozy restaurant, you probably aren't looking for a dish that's cold, overly greasy, and makes you feel lethargic. You'd rather have something comforting and filling to get you warmed up before going back outside. 

The Black Olive offers various seafood dishes that meet these exact criteria. This includes our grilled sardines, shrimp, scallops, and sumptuous fish soup, made with scorpion fish, saffron, and wild rockfish. 

Other winter favorites are our warm and creamy lobster pasta, our divine Mediterranean sea bass, and our grilled yellowfin tuna steak. Each dish will leave you feeling full and satisfied, making them ideal for people on their lunch breaks and those out for the night with friends.

Have a Glass of Wine on a Cold Winter Day

Who doesn't love a glass of wine (or two) with their lunch on a cold winter afternoon? One of the features that make The Black Olive a standout seafood restaurant in Baltimore is our impressive wine list. 

Each bottle is stored at the perfect temperature in our secure cellar, made with bricks over two centuries old! We'd be happy to help you select a wine to pair with your flavorful seafood dish. This luxurious combination is guaranteed to have you feeling warm and cozy, no matter the season.

Treat Yourself to The Black Olive 

With our world-class wine list and comforting, decadent dishes, The Black Olive is definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in Baltimore. It has a cozy, homey vibe and all the rich flavors you need to keep you warm and comfy on a cold winter day. 

If you have any questions about our delicious Greek menu or would like to schedule a pick-up for your next family gathering, please don't hesitate to call us at +1 410-276-7141.

We hope to hear from you soon!