Favorites at your Greek fish restaurant in Baltimore

May 7, 2021 at 7:00 AM
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The country of Greece is a peninsula that has 8,498 miles of coastline touching the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean Seas. This makes seafood high on the list of items that compose a Greek diet. At The Black Olive, we specialize in Greek seafood and beyond and will prepare your favorite dishes. Take a below at some of the favorite dishes we serve at your fish restaurant in Baltimore.

Wellfleet oysters

Our Wellfleet oysters are a local favorite that is sourced from Maine. You’ll enjoy the mild, sweet flavor that comes with a crisp, clean finish. We serve these plumb and meaty oysters with an apple mignonette.

Stuffed calamari on the grill

Those who love calamari enjoy the unique texture that comes with the savory flavor profile. Prior to grilling our calamari, it’s stuffed with Manouri and feta cheese. This is a menu favorite and one of our most requested small plates.

Grilled colossal shrimp

It might feel strange calling shrimp colossal, but these truly are some of the biggest shrimp you’ll ever find. We marinate and grill these shrimp to a beautiful pink on the outside and a rich white on the inside. We know you’ll love the plump and meaty texture of our grilled colossal shrimp.

Jumbo lump crab cake

You can’t eat seafood in Maryland without getting a crab cake. Our crab cakes are made from jumbo lump crabmeat, which is the meatiest part of the crab’s swimming legs. We serve these on a bed of baby leaf greens with homemade olive oil mayonnaise.

Black Olive lobster pasta

Straight from the coast of Maine, The Black Olive lobster pasta is a plate of fresh pasta that’s been tossed with white wine, tomato, and tarragon-based sauce. It’s finished with a touch of cream and topped off with a sweet and tender Maine lobster tail.

Wild rockfish filet

Also known as striped bass, rockfish has a moderate oil content. The slightly firm texture comes with a mildly sweet flavor with a touch of nuttiness. We’ll prepare your dish to your likeness by either grilling or sautéing your fish in organic cornmeal.

Black sea bass

For those who love sweet and delicate fish, black sea bass is a perfect choice. This species is caught from deep in the Mediterranean Sea and comes to your plate after being grilled to perfection in our kitchen.

Grilled yellowfin tuna steak

Yellowfin tuna has what is considered a near-perfect flavor with its mild and meaty flavor. This steak has more flavor than albacore tuna but is not as fatty as bluefin tuna. This grilled tuna steak is beautiful and flaky and seasoned with Zaatar.

New Zealand ora king salmon

Considered an ultra-premium breed of king salmon, New Zealand ora king salmon is a top-shelf fish. You’ll love the mild combination of sweet and savory flavors with a firm and buttery texture. We prepare this dish by grilling it to perfection.


This fish comes from the North Pacific Coast of Washington and Alaska. The firm texture is paired with a sweet flavor and moderate oil content. This dish can be prepared according to your tastes either grilled or sautéed.

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